Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Week 21 - January 15- January 19 (No School Monday)

Happy Monday! I hope you are all enjoyed your long weekend and the beautiful weather! We are still looking for Reading Group Volunteers! Click here to sign up if you're interested. :) Thank you to those families that send in Kleenex!
Our Scholar of the Week was Ethan! He loves water parks and wants to be a
vet to take care of animals when he grows up.

Spalding: This past week, we learned the phonograms igh and kn (two letters, beginning) and explored the jobs of “silent final e."
time-job 1- the silent “e” jumps over a consonant to tell the vowel to say its name.  (most common)
have- (the “e” is double underlined and has a 2 next to it).  job 2- English words don’t end in v.
blue-(the “e” is double underlined and has a 2 next to it).  job 2- English words don’t end in u. 
chance- (the “e” is double underlined and has a 3 next to it). job 3- Anytime a “c” is followed by an “e” at the end of a word, it will make the second sound. 
charge-(the “e” is double underlined and has a 3 next to it).  job 3- Anytime a “g” is followed by an “e” at the end of a word, it will make the second sound. 
lit  tle (the “e” is double underlined and has a 4 next to it).  job 4- every syllable must have a vowel. Syllables are separated in Spalding.
are- (the “e” is double underlined and has a 5 next to it).  job 5- no job.  Are came from the Old English word aren. 
This upcoming week, we will explore two new phonograms and review the silent final “e” words. If you have any questions please reach out to me I know the Spalding spelling rules can be a bit tricky. 

Literature: This week we will read the fun story of The Bremen Town Musicians. We will identify the problem/solution, setting, and characters of the story. Our poem will be Jack Be Nimble.  We will be working on phonemic awareness with the poem by identifying rhyming words.  

Math : This week we will be focusing on numbers 10-20. We will work on identifying the numbers and understanding their place value. For example, the number 15 is 1 group of ten and 5 ones.  We will work with a variety of manipulatives, such as an egg carton and counting bears, to practice showing the numbers in concrete form. Additionally, throughout the week we will be writing the numbers 11-20, reviewing the correct Spalding number formation.

Geography and Science: This week we will explore the world’s oceans! We will learn the names of the major oceans as well as where to find them on the map. We will discuss the different ocean zones and which kinds of animals live in each zone. Students will create a craft to show what they learned about the zones. We will spend lots of time learning about the various animals that call the ocean their home! Students will complete a journal prompt of their favorite ocean animal. We will learn about coral reefs and students will even get to touch a real coral!

Fun lesson while learning about MLK; it doesn't matter what we look like on the outside,
 it's what's on the inside that counts. :)

Sharing about our penguin projects!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Week 20- January 8- January 12

Happy New Year families! I hope everyone had a restful and happy break! I decided to head back to Wisconsin for 10 days to be with family and  I loved every minute of it, despite the frigid temperatures. hehe I cannot wait to see everyone tomorrow! I've missed your little ones!
Welcome to the world Baby Worthy!

My Family! <3 

Look at the pretty snow!

Mommy and Sister craft day!

Here is what we have planned for our first week back!:

Spalding: We will introduce two new phonograms this week. 

We will begin to introduce words using “silent final e”. These words will end in a silent “e”.  
   Job 1: The silent “e” makes the vowel say its name.
   Job 2: English words don’t end in “v” or “u”.
   Job 3: The silent “e” following a “c”, makes the “c” say it’s second sound, /s/.
   The silent “e” following a “g”, makes the “g” say it’s second sound, /j/.
   Job 4: Each syllable must have a vowel.
   Job 5:Some words are from Old English and have been changed. For example: the “n” was dropped from the word "aren" to make are.
On homework you will notice the ‘e’ underlined with its corresponding job number, this is how we’d like students to mark the words to identify each job. Job 1 is most common and so we will only underline the e and the vowel that it is making say it’s name, for example: cake

Literature: This week we will explore the Native American legend, “The Story of Jumping Mouse.” We will search for virtue in the story and do a character study on the mouse. We will review the poem, “There was an Old Lady.” 

Math: This week in math, scholars will be comparing numbers. We will start the week with reviewing number order of 1-10. We will then work on “1 more than” and “1 less than”. For example “What is one more than 4?”, “What is one less than 7?” Later in the week we will be using a variety of manipulatives to compare two sets of items. We will determine which set has more and by how many more. On Friday, we will take an assessment on comparing numbers to complete the unit. 

History: This week in history we will be learning about two very influential and important people. First, we will learn all about Martin Luther King Junior. We will hear a story about his childhood and adult life. Students will learn that he stood for equality and taught others how to solve problems peacefully. We will discuss how although humans may look different on the outside, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Later in the week, we will learn about the virtues and life of Mother Teresa. Students will hear her story and will discuss how she helped the poor in her community. Finally, we will compare the two historical figures and talk about the virtues they displayed.

Holidays Around the World Party Pictures!

Happy New Year! These are long overdue, but here is the link for some fun photos from our last day before break!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Week 19- December 18- December 20

Happy Sunday! Thank you to all the families who joined us yesterday to spread holiday cheer! We had a great time singing carols and giving cards to patients at Health South Rehabilitation Center. After that I had the honor of joining one of our families for a Christmas Show! It was super fun!!



We have a short and sweetly busy week ahead. A couple quick reminders, Tuesday and Wednesday are both half-days. We will do our class Book Exchange on Tuesday, please send your child with a wrapped gently used children's book. If it is gender specific please note on the wrapping. Our Holidays Around the World Party is on Wednesday. Students will "visit" Sweden, England, and Mexico! Here's a look at the upcoming week:

Spalding: Last week we learned “ph” (two letters) and “ough”.  Our words were: am, last, good, up, not.This week we will review words and phonograms. There will be no test.  Please continue to review phonogram cards each night.

We recently learned the "ers," in Spalding and they can be a little tricky. We use the sentence "her first nurse works early" to help students remember each "er".  We use the words as cues so the students know which "er" we want them to write or say. When you are practicing at home you should be saying these cues as well.

er (as in her)  ir (as in first)
ur (as in nurse) wor (as in works)
ear (as in early)

Literature: This week we will explore the silly Story/Poem, “There was an Old Lady.” We will read different versions and compare/contrast them as well as sequence the events.  We will still be reading with students this week so please be sure to send your child with their book bag. This will give students an opportunity to get a new book to read before break.  Please be sure to keep reading while away from school. 

Math: This week, we will be completing a cumulative review on Monday and Tuesday.  The assessment will include everything that we have learned in the last quarter.  There will be no homework this week.  Enjoy your break!  

History: This week we will have a short lesson on the historical Saint Nicholas. We will read a story about his life and the ways he spread kindness and generosity. Students will make a little craft to give to someone special. 

Our scholar of the week was Victoria! She loves Disney Land and spaghetti and she
wishes that she had her very own real unicorn!

Fun exploring with magnets!